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Holiday Rentals - Writing A Winning Advert

Great property adverts deliver great results!

Take the time to write a winning advert for your holiday rental property and you will enjoy these benefits:

> Win more bookings
> Increase your occupancy
> Achieve better rates consistently
> Reduce your workload answering questions
> Reduce the incidence of expectations not being met or complaints

There are several features of a Holiday Rental advertisement which require detailed information.

So often we see property managers write up a quick advert for a holiday rental property.

1. Photos

Photos really help highlight your property and convey the ambience and experience the customer might expect. 

It is well worthwhile having professional photos taken for your holiday rental property.  At the very least we suggest a range of photos from the living areas, bedrooms, kitchen and property itself.

2. Description

In the past with expensive newspaper and magazine advertising, you might have been used to writing short adverts with grab all text eg. "Amazing property has it all." Well those days are gone.

Consumers demand detailed adverts which explain the properties features, fittings and amenities of nearby areas.

3. Tariff Rates and Seasons

It is ideal to display the rates that apply during the various times of the year for your holiday rental property.

On Rent-A-Home's website you can also supplement this pricing with Hot Deals to offer last minute discounts on accommodation or special offers such as a "Complimentary Bottle of Wine".  

A tariff table reduces the quote enquiries backwards and forwards and delivers more bookings more effectively. 

Take the time to set up your holiday rental tariffs.

4. Customer Reviews

Rent-A-Home automatically surveys guests following their stay. The surveys are reviewed then published on the holiday rental advert page.

5. Maps

Rent-A-Home links Google Maps to your Property Advert so you can set the location marker to the exact or general location of the property.

While location is a key aspect, we find more customers are willing to venture out to suburban areas for unique holiday rental properties that are well presented and priced.

In summary, we recommend you browse through the best looking adverts and compare the level of information.  Rather than discount down, try taking the approach to make your holiday rental property look like its worth every cent.  

Holiday rental property adverts are all about meeting expectations.  Customers that enjoy their stay will become repeat customers and provide great referrals.
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